How To Help

Come to a workshop

The best way to help is to get involved! Come along to find out more about air quality in your neighbourhood and assemble a sensor to help grow a local and global map of air pollution.

Host a workshop

If you have a great venue or know of one that would be able to host a session please contact us. All that’s really needed is a reasonably quiet room with space for 10 people, but the more of the following the merrier: power supply, tables/desks, screen/projector with HDMI, WiFi, cake*.

*everything is better with cake

Source supplies

Most of the parts we need can be shipped at low cost, but the “classic” Airrohr sensor kit requires two pieces of German plumbing pipe which are hard to come by in the UK. If you regularly travel from Germany to the UK and could bring some of these over you would be in our good books! They are available from virtually any plumbing supply shop in Germany.

Spread the word

Talk to your friends and colleagues about the sources and consequences of air pollution. Talk to your councillors about what action can be taken at a local level. Talk to your MP about what you expect from the government. Share and retweet our messages on social media. Help raise awareness generally by educating yourself and others.